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  barrel break in    

We recommend  some type of barrel break in  on your new barrel , the freshly cut chamber on a new barrel will have small burrs that need to burn out .

While these burrs are fresh they will pick up copper from the bullet jacket  and will quickly build up if not removed so it's best to clean between shots for the first 8-12 shots .

Use a solvent that will do both copper and powder fowling , I will name a few  like butch's bore shine , Pro shot copper , wipeout , Hoppes copper , G-96 and there are more .

Use an appropriate bore guide and push a few wet patches through , there should be lots of blue on the first few shots.

You can let the solvent sit for a minute and tight patch dry make sure the chamber is also dry.

After this go ahead and shoot some 4-5 shot groups and clean between groups maybe 3 times at this point there should be no problem shooting with regular cleaning.

When using brushes make sure to saturate the brush with solvent never push a dry brush through the barrel and don't pull it back across  the crown.

A loose fitting brush wrapped with a patch also works very well when saturated with solvent this setup allows you to reverse direction  while cleaning and quickly removes powder residue .

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